Custom business Web applications with modern architecture and usability principles

Custom business Web applications with modern architecture and usability principles

Custom business web applications with modern architecture and usability principles are tailor-made software solutions designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of businesses. These applications are built using contemporary development practices and prioritize user experience (UX) through intuitive design and functionality.
These applications ensure efficiency, scalability, and a pleasing user experience while aligning closely with the organization’s requirements. They combine cutting-edge technology to create digital tools that enhance productivity, streamline processes, and drive success.

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Why do you need unique customized software for your business?

Every business is special, right? Special business requires special tools. Custom software is a way to become better than your competitors.

Your employees, partners, and customers will find it easier to navigate and use this application

It can accommodate increased user loads, data volumes, and new features, ensuring that your software remains robust and responsive in the face of expansion.

Custom business Web applications –

What for?

Custom Business Web Applications: These are web-based software tools or platforms designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs and goals of a specific business or organization.

Modern Architecture: They include the use of microservices, where the application is divided into smaller, independent components for flexibility and scalability. It also embraces an API-first approach, emphasizing the importance of clean, standardized APIs that enable seamless integration with other systems, services, and third-party applications.

Usability Principles: Usability principles involve user-centered design, meaning that the application is created with a deep understanding of its users.

Responsive Design: Applications must be responsive, meaning they are designed and developed to adapt seamlessly to various devices and screen sizes.

Intuitive User Interface (UI): The UI is designed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind. Users should be able to navigate the application effortlessly, complete tasks with ease, and find information quickly.

Security: Robust security features are integrated into the application to protect sensitive data and user information: data encryption, authentication mechanisms, authorization controls, and protections against common security vulnerabilities.

Performance and Scalability: Modern web applications are built to handle increased user loads and data volumes.

Cloud Integration: Many modern applications leverage cloud services for hosting, storage, and scaling. Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud offer flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Continuous Improvement: The development process often involves continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, automating testing, building, and deployment.

Analytics and Monitoring: Tools and analytics platforms are integrated into the application to monitor performance, user behavior, and application usage.

User Training and Documentation: To help users make the most of the application, user training materials and documentation are provided.

Why collaborating with Kinivel will result in positive outcomes?


We provide a team of experienced developers and testers led by skilled managers. You get a fully finished product with a package of documentation and technical description. We also provide support and additional services.


You can track the development process and make adjustments to the process. Produced real time tracking with detailed reporting

Payment condition

We discuss the payment system with the client in advance. You can choose both a fixed development price and hourly payment for the project. We also practice using customer tracking systems or upwork.

Free consultation

You can get advice on the development you are interested in absolutely free. We will answer all your questions.

What is next?

We discuss possible options for implementation, payment, conditions and all your questions and details of possible cooperation. You make the decision about bargain.

Development and testing of the solution. Flexible system for making changes. Real-time tracking of implementation.

Ready-to-use solution. Technical support and services could be provided.

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