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JavaScript and different ***Script

Today I’ll just share my opinion so, no useful information below 🙂

There are a lot of discussions around TypeScript, CoffeeScript, and other languages translated to JS. Let me add several words to this “holly war”:) I was codding for a couple of months with TypeScript. It was a complex UI with Knockout.js and Durandal. Yesterday I switched to a pure JavaScript task. I have to help with other our projects and I have to write very simple JS code, with just several functions and some calculations.

Just imagine! My performance with JavaScript is at least twice lower as with TypeScript.

Because “continuous refactoring”, one of key principles to get good code quality, not just good-looking code but stable code, is very problematic with JS. You have to check everything (variable names, functions, scopes, etc.) when you changed something in the existing code.
My opinion is that Human was not designed to handle so stupid tasks 🙂 Let machines do their work using languages with checks on a compilation. And use smart IDE of course 😉

Be Human…

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