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Editing code directly in the browser (WebKit)

Maybe some people already know this feature, but I was discovered it only today. A lot of JS debugging brings some benefits, and today I found the possibility to edit code and save it on disk with Google Chrome (or any other WebKit-based browser). Hope this will simplify some debugging tasks for you. See how to enable this feature below:

  1. Add folders(s) with your source code to the browser’s workspace
  2. Allow browser to access the file system (I have a Ukrainian browser in English you have to click “Allow”)
  3. Select the file and map it on the file system resource
  4. Select a resource from mapping from your workspace (added in the first step)
  5. Don’t forget to restart the dev tool
  6. Edit your file in the browser
  7. See changes in VisualStudio or any other IDE

Hope this helps you save some time and save Alt and Tab keys on your keyboard 😉

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